Windows Password Reset Key

 Bootable Windows Password Reset Key 16GB Flash Drive Supports Windows 10,8.1,7,vista


Prodocut prototype
Prodocut prototype
Product Compatibility
Product Compatibility
No Internet Access Requriment
No Internet Access Requriment

About this product

  • EASY TO USE: Turn off Windows and plugin Password Reset key into the USB port, set PC &Laptop to boot the USB first, and Reset & erase the password with only three mouse clicks.
  • COMPLETELY COMPATIBLE: Supports all versions of Windows: Vista /7 /8 /10.
  • NO INTERNET REQUIRED: The Password Reset Key works without internet access. The USB Speed is much faster and more reliable than a CD!
  • TO BE PASSWORD MASTER: Suppose that a friend /relative/ Colleague can't signin into Windows? They could appreciate your help in resolving the issue in a short time. or Bought a used PC but locked out by an old password? You could handle it in a couple of minutes.
  • PORTABLE USB WITH BIG STORAGE & GIFT: its convenient design and size make it ultra-handy to keep close by in your purse or wallet or key ring, the USB storage is around 16GB, you could save your important documents in it as well as USB gift you send to your friend is interesting in computer.
Just  one USB plot need
Just one USB plot need
Product Parameters
Product Parameters

Have you ever lost or forgotten your Windows password at some time?
Or an old PC & Laptop has not been used for a long time, the Windows password you have forgotten to access, but the important documents are in there?
The Windows password reset key is good for you to resolve the issue without re-install your Windows System, you could get it done within a couple of minutes.

It's super easy to use and you shouldn't have to act like a PC expert just to get back into your computer! All you have to do is turn off the computer and plug the bootable key into any USB port, then turn the computer back on. After that just select the first boot sequence from the USB option. From there just follow the on-screen instructions within 3 steps, and lets you quickly reset any password(Including administrator's) on any Windows PC or laptop from Vista, 7, 8, &10
The Password Reset Key uses an ultra-fast USB 3.0 connection to get you access and results faster and easier than USB 2.0.
Guarantee No Viruses in the USB memory stick and No damageable for your windows.


Convenient taken
Easy-to-Use Interface
Fast Simple Access Recovery
SYSKEY Removal
Built-In Explorer for File Recovery
Registry Editor Access
16GB Storage to Save your files.

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