DocScan paper photo documents scanner software with built-in quick scanning and image tool with bulk process

DocScan is the most fully featured and affordable scan management software for offices of all sizes. It combines easy scanning and bulk Image process. with it, you could make quick progress on the digital working process in a short time, meanwhile, Nummove provides a lower price, but better service.

About the software

  • DIGITAL DOCUMENT- DocScan allows you to scan to an image file with JPG/Png/tiff format, from paper documents to digital image files, you could easy to organize PC documents in one place,

  • Quick DOCUMENT SCANNING – Quickly and bulky to scan your paper documents, 60 paper documents could be digitized per one minute.

  • BULK PROCESS DIGITAL IMAGES- you can process image one by one to image process(crops,filling etc )& rotation(turn left 90 degree,right 90 degree ,flip vertical and flip horizontal),file format conversion(image to pdf,pdf to jpg), Image compress as well as image optimization. you could also bulky process files in one folder as well. meantime, it is able to bulky rename file names according to the file name template, so as to the sequence of the file names is in order.

  • AUTOMATIC PAGE SUPPLEMENT- If one page is missed between the previous file page and the next file page, it could automatically fill the current scan page between them.

  • COMPATIBLE INFORMATION, Compatible with all kinds of scanner devices which have twain/wia interface, it compatible with the operation system, Windows7, Windows8, Windows 10, Windows 11, etc.

High Digital Speed
High Digital Speed
Easy Installation Use and Manage Digital files
Easy Installation Use and Manage Digital files
Support All twain WIA Scanners
Support All twain WIA Scanners
Bulking Image Process and file Conversion
Bulking Image Process and file Conversion

Feature Summary

Intuitive User interface to reduce learning curve , everyone could know how to use it around 3 minutes,
Scan, organize, and edit in one local physical place or network sharing folder
Built-in Image editor, Bulky Image process, or one by one.
Keep files in Windows folders, No need for a database
Apply consistent filename templates, predefined file names
Once purchased, free upgrade to the latest version as well as permanent use
System Requirements:

Operating System: Windows7/8/10/11
Processor: 32-bit and 64-bit
Memory: 4 GB
Disk Storage: 1 GB available space

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